Can leduc be the next dynasty

A 5-4 win Wednesday night at home secured a championship for the second-year franchise out of Leduc. It has the makings of an Armena-like team that could go on a run of championships.

The Royals of 2002 knocked off the old Powerline Brewers before beating the Camrose Roadrunners and Colts back-to-back seasons. They had the pitching and veteran players from other leagues to help them win – even when they didn’t deserve to win.

So one would assume Leduc, too, could go on a run.

Or can they?

Kudos to the Milleteers who literally fought, scratched and clawed their way out of a hole in their opening semi-final game. Kudos for edging a veteran-laden squad out of Bardo in the finale. And kudos for setting a recent record of begin able to shut down teams in terms of runs against.

But the league will be gunning for you next year. Armena and Ryley (Both of which beat you in the regular season) were both basically first-year franchises who should improve next season. Bardo was poor in the regular season and gave you a go in the final. Camrose – well, we all know they can win a championship if they can stay focused and concentrate on baseball when they play Bardo.

The competition is stiff and could get stiffer. If an expansion team is added in Sherwood Park and the Camrose Axemen return, although that team adamantly states they will stay in the NCABL, you could have your work cut out for you.

Savor the victory. Savor the championship. Because in a blink of an eye, much like the Armena teams post-2004, it could be gone.

Enjoy your trophy – but we’ll be plotting all winter to take it away from you next August.

And again, congratulations.

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  • It was a really good game overall from both clubs. Only a few errors from either side combined, but compared to the first two games of the series, it was much better ball. Definately shows why these two teams were in the final.

  • Don't think the Axemen would come back to the PBL. But a Sherwood Park team would be nice as well as the Holden Blue Jays.

  • I heard the Holden rumours. We need to make sure to invite a rep from them and ShPk people to fall meeting so they are in the loop. It'd be great to see 7-8 teams again.

  • Do we have a date for the fall meeting? Early October? Harvest is over, kids are back into the school routine, not really warm anymore outside.I think the Holden guys were looking at getting some exhibition games in but nothing materialized out of that.Kris

  • Do you have a contact Kris? Would they be interested in possibly playing in the ShPk tourney? Do they have jerseys and everything already?As for fall meeting we'll have to arrange that in the next few weeks.

  • As mentioned earlier, I agree a fall meeting might be a good idea, just to address a couple of issues while they're still fresh in people's minds. I think we'd still need our regular March or April meeting to deal with the usual matters and plan more specifically for the 2010 season. Teams are often uncertain until then as to how many players are returning, etc. Anyway, I'm thinking September or October, after everbody's had their holidays and are back in work and school routines.The speculation about Sherwood Park and Holden are great, but please, if anybody has a contact with a potential team in either place, make sure you get a name and a phone number (or email address). We thought we had some interest from Sherwood Park last year but nobody knew who to call, so we couldn't even invite them to a meeting.Maybe this year we could help the process along.

  • That sounds good Larry. Should we hold it in Tofield if sherwood park and holden may be invited. maybe third or 4th week of setpember

  • Yes, I think holding it in Tofield would be fine. As for the date, I'll check with all the people on the league executive and committee by email, but late September or sometime in October will hopefully work. As for Sherwood Park and Holden, again, we MUST have names and numbers to contact, so if anybody comes up with same, please forward them to myself, or Ray or Mike or Josh or Jason.

  • I will take responsibility for Sherwood Park. As for Holden, the Ryley guys seem to know some of them? Yes, I agree, it is crucial to get them to the meeting and informed of what is going on and what is required of them next spring.

  • wow…This could turn in to a 8 or 9 team league before all is said and done. There is also a rumour that the Camrose Midget Cougars may have some interest in joining the league…

  • Yeah some of the Ryley guys know a few of the Holden guys. I'll see if I can get a contact for them. Corey