Snub debates part of the fun

In typical Curt Stensrud fashion, you didn’t know whether to laugh or take him seriously Tuesday night when he publically commented his distaste for not being selected to represent the Powerline Baseball League at the annual all-star game as a pitcher.

“You can post that I am playing for (the Battle River League) next year,” he said. “I’ll play for Ryley but I will play for them next year in the all star game.”

When asked why, Stensrud said the league doesn’t know what they’re doing – paraphrasing of course.

In the end, it was hard to argue with the staff of five, who teamed up for an 8-0 win over the Battle River League. Stensrud, who started in the 2009 all star game got the loss as a team of Stettler Storm pitchers shut down the PBL offence and allowed just one hit in a 5-1 win. He received just one vote, and given this writer’s knowledge, from the Armena Royals.

A bigger snub or surprise maybe was not seeing former Armena Royal Joel Boettger on the mound (or even in the lineup for that matter) for the Battle River League.

Boettger, who has only talked to the media through his friend, Clark Banack, said he isn’t even pitching for the 2010 BRBL and Provincial champion Rosalind Athletics.

“They want him to catch almost every game,” Banack said. “He’s not pitching at all, which is too bad.”

Boettger is often busy farming, so maybe that’s a reason for not being present at the all star game. However, with his bat, arm and baseball skill, he would have made a difference last night.

Was there anyone else from either side you were surprised to not see in the lineup? Was Curt Stensrud snubbed? Does it even matter? Your thoughts are welcomed behind the cloak of anonymity I bet – and that’s OK.

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