Snub debates part of the fun

In typical Curt Stensrud fashion, you didn’t know whether to laugh or take him seriously Tuesday night when he publically commented his distaste for not being selected to represent the Powerline Baseball League at the annual all-star game as a pitcher.

“You can post that I am playing for (the Battle River League) next year,” he said. “I’ll play for Ryley but I will play for them next year in the all star game.”

When asked why, Stensrud said the league doesn’t know what they’re doing – paraphrasing of course.

In the end, it was hard to argue with the staff of five, who teamed up for an 8-0 win over the Battle River League. Stensrud, who started in the 2009 all star game got the loss as a team of Stettler Storm pitchers shut down the PBL offence and allowed just one hit in a 5-1 win. He received just one vote, and given this writer’s knowledge, from the Armena Royals.

A bigger snub or surprise maybe was not seeing former Armena Royal Joel Boettger on the mound (or even in the lineup for that matter) for the Battle River League.

Boettger, who has only talked to the media through his friend, Clark Banack, said he isn’t even pitching for the 2010 BRBL and Provincial champion Rosalind Athletics.

“They want him to catch almost every game,” Banack said. “He’s not pitching at all, which is too bad.”

Boettger is often busy farming, so maybe that’s a reason for not being present at the all star game. However, with his bat, arm and baseball skill, he would have made a difference last night.

Was there anyone else from either side you were surprised to not see in the lineup? Was Curt Stensrud snubbed? Does it even matter? Your thoughts are welcomed behind the cloak of anonymity I bet – and that’s OK.

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  • I don't know if you will ever be able to send the best players from each league in senior men's sports. Lot's of guys probably would sooner take the night off and do other things as opposed to driving an hour or so to maybe play a couple innings.Though the battle river league would have made a better showing than that…..they must not have had a lot of guys there as well then?

  • Curt is one of two Rebels pitchers that should have got the nod for the bump.

  • I don't think there's any reason to suggest the best players weren't there. There can always be debate over the selection process, but of all the players selected by their leagues, there was only one no-show (on the BRL team). I think almost to a man the players consider it an honour to be selected to play in the event. A review of the respective rosters would show you there were no "fill-ins".The BRL guys had a bad inning (it happens) and the PBL pitching was outstanding (not the first time that has happened either).

  • Hey Larry it is a bit of a political matter when discussing the "best players" for an all star game. Do the NHL and big league baseball still select at least one player from each team? I do not think they have equal representation from each team. The present setup of picking 2 position players from each team is the easiest.

  • The all star game is chance to honour the players from each respective team that are having good or great years. The pitching staff was selected by a league committee who in the end it would appear got it right. All due respect to Curt who has been a standout in the league for a long time, the roster posted on the website looked like a new generation of PBL all stars, pitchers and position players alike.

  • Yes, the NHL does still have at least one rep from each team, as does MLB (not that that is relevant to anything). No system is perfect, and the make-up of any all-star team will always be a subject of debate. I was just responding to the suggestion that "lots of guys would sooner take the night off and do other things". I simply don't think that's true, and if you looked at the rosters from last night, you'd see my point.

  • Overall, besides the 6th inning, a pretty well played game by both sides. Hopefully I can play better and draw into it next season… I like playing in it.

  • isn't taking the night off a part of any league's all-star game?i know on our team the first question asked to the guys is who wants to go as opposed to making the assumption that everyone is able to go and then votingperhaps for some guys who are playing a lot and playing well a night off is reward enough. have to spend time with the wife and kids at some point from may to august

  • Hey Buzz just wanting to stir the pot a bit and good to see Larry back in the discussions.It could be that in certain years 3 position players from 1 team and 1 from another might yield the best team. However, the fellow from the 2:29 post is indeed correct in that each team can honour 2 position players based on their play that year. The new kids on the block have something to strive for; and it is good to hear Buzz that even an old guy like yourself wants back into the mix.

  • I know the Battle River League used to (and still might) give teams with better records at the midway point, more players. So for example, maybe the two non-playoff teams at the break would only send one guy, while a team like Leduc would send three. It's food for thought. My biggest thing was just getting less guys so a few could play the whole game and the dugout wasn't so crowded. I think 11-12 position players (in my opinion) is the most you would want anyway. Overall, we're 1-0-1 since cutting the roster down a bit. Go PBL!

  • Stensrud is a great pitcher but with his injuries the last couple of season, its hard to keep track whether he is playing or not…If he hasn't been throwing much for his team this year why vote him into the All-star game?

  • Yeah, I thought that may be the case. We voted for him because he came in twice to close out games and pretty much shut us down – although pretty much everyone has this year…

  • Buzz did you not release the vote count for all of the pitchers for last years game?

  • No I guess I didn't. I don't see an email either. Someone else may have it in their box or their memory.

  • Who complains about not getting voted to the All-star game publicly like that. Ryan Walker of the Leduc Milleteers was 4-0 with a sub 2 ERA before the All-star game and he wasn't voted in. Yes its a bummer for guys that should be there but aren't. Suck it up and just try harder for it next year.

  • Off of the top of my head……Kyle Muzechka – 9ptsJon Anstey – 8 ptsMarcel Lesoway – 4 pts——————Steve Pahl – 3 ptsMark Walker – 3ptsDon Oslund – 3 ptsDylan Solberg – 2 ptsScott Peterson – 2 ptsRon Oslund – 1 ptChris Mittlestat – 1 ptKris

  • 2010 All Star VoteKyle Muzechka – 9 ptsJon Anstey – 8 ptsMarcel Lesoway – 4 pts—————————Steve Pahl – 3 ptsMark Walker – 3 ptsDonny Oslund – 3 ptsDylan Solberg – 2 ptsScott Peterson – 2 ptsRon Oslund – 1 ptChris Mittlestadt – 1 ptIt was a giant mess and gave me a giant headache trying to find a suitable staff and game plan for this game, especially after we lost the last two and were embarassed the year before.Kyle couldn't go due to a tatoo appointment. Jon was a game time decision due to a sore shoulder. Marcel and Mark Walker controversially ended up going despite some sub par numbers in the regular season ( ERAs over 5.00, not even being the aces on non playoff teams, etc.). I couldn't pitch due to injury. Oslund was unavailable due to work, Solberg was injured and had only pitched 1 inning in the preseason all year. Peterson ended up going and pitching 4 innings as he had pitched great all year as he had not allowed a run until playoffs.Last year's voting process was a disaster as in the end the staff it produced was not all star quality. We added Peterson and let him go as long as he could just to keep us in the game. If not for the funnel cloud delay he would have gone longer.Mark and Marcel each pitched one inning and were saved by the defence. Then the game was called due to time as all the delays had pushed it way back and we were lucky to escape with a tie.For all the talk about snubs this year it is pretty hard to argue with results as I will take a 3 hit shutout any day as all the pitchers this year did a heck of a job and proved they belonged by not only pitching well in the regular season, but by backing up their selection and shutting down the BRL in the All Star game.

  • Being chosen as an All Star in the PBL is an honor given to you by your teammates and the league, not a deserving feeling. I sure hope someone from the Battle River league that wasn't chosen didn't self proclaim himself on our All Star team for next year.

  • Just look at it this way. Grab all the votes and look at them. If you looked at them, and seen that your name isn't on it and you looked at it twice maybe look at it a third time, then looking at it this way you shouldn't go. All I'm saying Is to look at it.