Fort Sask expresses interest

An email sent to league executives from a Fort Saskatchewan representative has the PBL once again looking at expansion after a few years of a six-team league.

The PBL, once-burned by Sherwood Park who at the last minute, influenced by NCABL members, chose to join a different league, is cautious at the moment.

The email is being reviewed by President Steven Pahl, and negotiations will ensue.

Fort Sasktachewan currently does not have a team in the NCABL but is home to the highly successful Ft. Saskatchewan Athletics of the Sunburst League who annually challenge for a national championship. They also have an Over 30 league team in the Alberta West Central Baseball Association.

Sherwood Park struggled in its first couple seasons before a successful 11-7 campaign this year in the NCABL and their first playoff berth. Word of a second team from Sherwood Park joining the PBL is often mentioned, but nothing has come of it.

More to come on this developing story.

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  • Fort Sask ATHLETICS. there are two teams in fort sask. the senior AAA team and an over 30 team.

  • perhaps the axemen can steal the fort sask team away too

  • Ya. I'm sure a team that dominates the Sunbrust wants to head down a league and play lesser competition. Lets get our heads on straight here

  • This would not be the Sunburst team. This would be a new team in addition to the other teams they have.

  • Hopefully it isn't a bunch of kids who have played well organized and competitive baseball. Driving an hour or more to play a team with 8 players or a team that is batting 13 guys with unlimited subs might be a little bit of a shock to them

  • Is it a men's team? Or is it midget? Probably a bunch of girls from world cup. Ha. Yeah right.

  • Heard a rumor that the Axemen have lost players in the off season and were thinking of applying to the get back in the PBL as they would embarrass themselves in that other league. Did the league receive anything from them yet or is it still too early? Their website said they have a league meeting coming up and they need to recruit

  • They aren't going anywhere. They may even host the NCABL All-Star game.

  • i heard the edmonton capitals are looking for a league as well

  • didn't some cuban women defect? they will probably be fort saskatchewan's second base and short stop making slick double plays

  • Must be tough to write a story then have the comment section trash it, unless any attention is good attention in the PBL's mind

  • Are we just making up stories now? My guess is the website needed some more traffic

  • What do you mean?