How it all shakes down for tonight’s tilt

The What Ifs have been bandied about for some time, but if my calculations are right, here’s how the permutations and combinations play out with just one game remaining and no one still knowing who they will play next Tuesday to kick off the 2013 edition of the PBL Post-Season.

(1) Armena vs. (4) Bardo
(2) Holden vs. (3) Leduc

Holden and Bardo tie tonight

(1) Armena vs. (4) Holden
(2) Leduc vs. (3) Bardo

Bardo wins by more than one run or Bardo wins by just one run, wins coin flip

(1) Holden vs. (4) Bardo
(2) Armena vs. (3) Leduc

Holden wins

(1) Armena vs. (4) Bardo
(2) Leduc vs. (3) Holden

Bardo wins by just one run, loses coin flip

Did I miss anything?

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