Cards look to establish ‘True King of the North’

The Cold Lake Cardinals are thinking baseball even when everyone else is thinking winter, and hockey is in full swing.

Matt Brown emailed a bevy of teams about a tournament they would like to host July 25-27, with a slight twist. Instead of a regular tournament with teams from all over picking guys up from who knows where, they’d like to establish the first-ever Northern Alberta Championship, which would feature actual league rosters of the club teams during the season.

“We will be attempting to have balance from all leagues so please respond as quickly as possible to ensure your spot as interest has been high already,” he wrote in an email Monday night.

The entry fee would be $400. Rosters would be verified by the league president of the respective association. No word was mentioned of those not part of a league.

“In an attempt to get away from the issues surrounding rosters being sent to provincial tournaments, no pickups will be allowed at the Northern Alberta Championships,” Brown mentioned.

Brown can be contacted for tournament inquiries at 780-201-0440 or by email at

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