Statement Made! Jays join Rebels, Royals atop PBL standings

A year after a surprising regular season championship, accompanied by a crushing defeat to the PBL giant Milleteers in the finals, the fearless Holden Blue Jays have started the season exactly how they wanted, at 2-0.

In game 1, the Jays took on the defending champs, the Milleteers, in a game they had anxiously been waiting for since Player/Manager Snakes Hrabec demanded all players must show (only 6 did) for their first practice. The dynamic duo of Snakes himself, and newly signed Head Coach/Pitcher Kyle Muzechka, sent Grayson Soprovich to the hill to start the inaugural Holden Entertainment crap shoot.

What was thought of as a carefully orchestrated, mind-numbing philosophy; Muzechka’s and Hrabec’s plan of using three pitchers on opening day to preserve the Jays arms was completely thrown out the window when the Jays locked themselves in another classic Holden no offense and all defense affair. The Jays came out hot, surprisingly, loading the bases in the first before realizing who they actually were and quickly resorted to abysmal hitting.

However, not before Jays Logan Skori drew a HUGE 2 out RBI walk (Classic Jays!) which ultimately lead to the winning run as Soprovich managed to tame the Milleteers offense the rest of the way on a cold, windy Holden day.

In game 2, the Jays did not become complacent as they brought FOURTEEN players to the Bardo Recreation Grounds. Skori, undoubtedly, was sent to the hill and he did not disappoint. After managing to get out of a bit of a jam in the first, Skori cruised through the next four innings picking up his first win of the season, no hitting the Athletics in the 5 inning affair.

The real statement was the Jays offense, however, as Jays 3-4 hitters Zak Lang and newcomer Braeden Majeski combined for NINE total RBI’s hopefully foreshadowing the Jays offense for the rest of the season.

For game 3, the Jays travel to Armena in a battle between two 2-0 teams. Majeski, the rookie, will make his first start as a Blue Jay. As well, the Jays are hoping to wear their new royal blue jerseys, which have been on back order the last few weeks due to the ineptness of the one and only…. Snakes Hrabec.

—- Soprovich

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