2014 Ryley Sports Days Baseball Tournament Schedule


Friday June 20

Game#1 – 7:00pm – Ryley Rebels (13) @ Holden Blue Jays (14)

Saturday June 21

Game #2 – 10:00am – Leduc Milleteers (5) @ Provost Combine Pilots (15)

Game #3 – 12:30pm – Beaumont Angels (9) @ Ryley Rebels (15)

Game #4 – 3:00pm – Holden Blue Jays (2) @ Leduc Milleteers (12)

Game #5 – 5:30pm – Provost Combine Pilots (8) @ Beaumont Angels (2)

Sunday June 22 

B Final  – 10:00am – Holden Blue Jays (5) @ Leduc Milleteers (10)

A Final – 12:30pm – Ryley Rebels (1) @ Provost Combine Pilots (11)

The Ryley Rebels want to thank all of the volunteers who came out and supported the 2014 Curtis Stensrud Memorial Slopitch Tournament and the Ryley Sports Days Baseball Tournament. Thank you to the Village of Ryley for once again supporting the Rebels this weekend.

Congratulations to the Provost Combine Pilots for the baseball tournament win and NQD for winning the A Division in Slopitch, Manure Occureth for winning the B Division and the Chickadees for winning the C Division. Many of the participating teams donated their winnings back to the tournament to support the Alberta Mental Health Foundation and the trust fund set up for Curt’s daughter Phynix.

We will once again be looking forward to having a great turnout in 2015!

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  • Buzzilinear

    Any of these going to be league games?

    • Koughan

      None for the Rebels

  • t-dog

    Ryley posts a story on the league website? This doesn’t make any sense…what about all those hits thor agencies is counting on?

    • Henry Rosenbagger

      T-dog!! Skeet Skeet! Thor does just fine. Skeet