Rebels streak to be tested Thursday night

rebels-vs-jaysIt’s always a much-anticipated matchup when last year’s finalists lock horns for the first time in the following season. This year, it’s a bit more exciting.

With the Ryley Rebels rocketing to a 6-0 start, and the addition of Rosalind to round out to eight teams, we had to wait the full six games and almost a month into the season for this rematch of last year’s final with the Holden Blue Jays.

Last year, the Jays had the Rebels on the ropes in game one before Ryley rallied. Game two almost saw the same thing happen again before the Rebels held on in game three at home. The two teams have been evenly matched over the years to say the least. One dawned in brawn while the other prideful in their pitching.

Last year’s championship preview

This year, after a couple early hiccups, the Jays have gone 3-1 since, mostly at home with five of their first seven in the hamlet of Holden. To say Thursday’s game is a must-win for Holden is an understatement. With Rosalind even and a rallying Leduc in the rearview mirror, the race for the fourth and final spot will be just as intense as the past few years it appears.

Here’s to a rematch – finally. Thanks schedule-maker for the dramatics.

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