Series feature polar opposite matchups

In one series, you have the veteran-laden championship-winning hard-nosed and dead-serious duo of the Rosalind Athletics matched up with Ryley Rebels.

In the other, you have two teams that are happy to be there, full of youngsters, inconsistent and just out there to have fun and win a title if it all works out.

In the end, the championship will feature someone we maybe expected to get there, and an underdog in the other corner looking to put together two final games together to pull off the upset for their first titles in the post-modern PBL era.

Ryley vs. Rosalind (Series 2-0 for Ryley)

The Ryley Rebels have found the consistency they sorely lacked many years prior and continued where they left off in 2014. They allowed the least amount of runs and can be intimidating at the plate. Rosalind on the other hand went up and down all season and struggled to adjust to new pitching, a new league and how to win close games early on. Now maybe they’ve found it just in time. They will need it on the road in Ryley. Their experience against Heisler and Spring Lake in playoffs gone by will come in handy against this new nemesis from the north.

Beaumont vs. Armena (Series 1-1)

In the 2 vs. 3 series, no one quite knows what to expect. The season series featured two close high-run ball games. It seems just when either team has gotten on a roll there’s a slip-up, especially on Armena’s side who many might say is lucky to have won half if not more of their 10 wins with amazing resilience to come-from-behind and win the narrow ones early on. Beaumont put up an incredible season, losing just twice and getting solid pitching many nights.


The compass needle has pointed all season to a Beaumont-Ryley finale, but that’s on paper and why you play the game. The magical time of the season is finally here. It’s hot, it’s July and although it’s a bit earlier than usual, it’s exciting. It’s PBL playoff time and only a few nights of baseball on the prairies stands between destiny and legends.

Play ball!

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