President calls for April 6 spring meeting

Craig Neufeld sent out a draft schedule – or two – and called for an April 6 meeting in Camrose. UPDATE: The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Edgeworth Centre, meeting Room No. 2.

The umpires were pressing for a schedule to go off of, which is part of the reason for the schedule. The All Star game was tentatively set, but until the schedule is reviewed and more finalized, it won’t be posted on the website. Team reps are to review it prior to the meeting.


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  • Corey Lidle

    Who made this meeting on the night of the last game at Rexall? #farewellcouch

    • Fred Brathwaite

      A Flames fan picked the date

      • Corey Lidle

        Typical Flames fan bringing the rest of us down.

  • FreeBryceHarper

    What happened to the site? fans get stuck with a phone picture of some guy’s predictions on his computer via twitter