Making All Star game work the right call

For almost 20 years now the Battle River League and Powerline League have met at Harry Andreassen Field in Camrose and played under the lights. For a few weeks, it looked like this year’s edition might be canceled – the first time since 2003.

But a few emails later and some more thought given, the leagues booked Aug. 11 as the date. Although this might interfere with a championship series with so much rain, the leagues should be able to make it work, it was decided.

Although the Andreassen kids are a bit older now, I still see the excitement in their eyes when the teams join for that picture with the name of their grandfather and even dad for some of the older family. And even though some players and teams may think the game is silly, and due to conflicts or snubs or even disinterest, the game sometimes doesn’t feature the best players, it’s still a fun night to get together and see some different pitching and guys in different jerseys.

The game really brought back the two leagues closer than ever before. Prior to 2004, the teams in each league barely saw each other outside of a couple tournaments. Now with the baseball community smaller than ever, Rosalind joining the PBL and many other factors, it seems the two leagues are closer than ever – and that’s good to see.

Past Harry Andreassen Challenge Scores and Recaps:

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