Playoff Tracker July 18: Déjà vu; Rebels-A’s and Royals-Angels

The Ryley Rebels locked up their second straight regular season title with a 17-4 victory over the Bardo Athletics Monday night closing out a topsy turvy season of rainouts and playoff races.

Despite all the rescheduling we’re back where we were last July after the Beaumont Angels walked off the Armena Royals Monday night as well to clinch third place. The Royals, Angels and Rosalind A’s all finished 9-5 and each went 2-2 with each other but the Royals ended up winning on RF-RA in the four games between the tied teams.

This pits a rematch of last year’s semis with the only twist being the 2nd and 3rd place series will start in Armena this year instead of Beaumont.

Games begin Thursday at 7 p.m. Check the schedule and website for results and playoff previews to come.

Playoff Tracker

Ryley 0 20 20 0 CL CL
Armena 0 18 18 0 CL XX
Beaumont 0 18 18 0 CL XX
Rosalind 0 18 18 0 CL XX
Leduc 0 16 16 0 XX XX
Holden 1 8 10 2 XX
Bardo 0 8 8 0 XX XX 
Camrose 1 4 6 2 XX XX

Games Remaining

July 20
Camrose @ Holden



GR – Games remaining
Pts – Points currently earned
PP – Possible points (If win the rest of games)
PR – Points remaining
CP – Total number of points required to attain a playoff spot
C1 – Total number of points needed to clinch first
CL – Clinched
EL –Eliminated
TIE– Best chance is to tie for final playoff spot or 1st Place
XX – Can’t clinch first
— – Chasing
*All numbers are to clinch outright with no ties
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