2017 sees new executive, back to 7 teams

Eight teams.

Sherwood Park interested. Nine!

Bardo and Ryley merge as Tofield. Whoa, back to eight.


Just when it looked it looked like the PBL might be hitting record number of teams, we’re back with seven. Not a bad number, and probably the most popular number since the league’s been around. And competition should be heavy once again. With the combination of Ryley and Bardo, plus some Beaumont guys joining Leduc, making playoffs will once again be tough.

After all those crazy developments in the early spring, much of the rest of the spring meeting was rather uneventful, but some interesting chatter. A food truck idea was thrown around for the All Star game, the date TBD. Discussion of rules around last year’s multi-day game called to darkness. Stuff like substitutions and calling the game or replaying, and or continuing it.

The biggest change though was Beaumont. I can say, it’s disappointing to hear they have suspended operations. Not only had they improved and become a playoff contender, they were a nice western outpost in a small town that had a BPs to have a few pops at after. Here’s to hoping they don’t lose those jerseys, and a new group could partake in years to come.

The schedule will be redrawn, and as soon as it is made official, posted on the website. Also, it should be known the PBL is now on Twitter in addition to the Facebook page that has been running for years. What’s next? Instagram and Snapchat?

Finally, the new executive has been established with an incoming President and Secretary. Outgoing president Craig Neufeld (2014-2016) held the position since Steve Pahl (2010-2013) stepped down.

  • President: Bret Keohane
  • Vice-President: Stephen Hrabec (incumbent)
  • Secretary: Ian Sherbaniuk
  • Treasurer: Trevor Pahl (incumbent)
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