UPDATE: Rosalind clinches, Awaits Opponent

UPDATE: The Rosalind Athletics have clinched the regular season pennant with Holden losing to the Leduc Milleteers on Thursday night.

The playoff picture still isn’t set though, with Holden having one remaining game to see if they finish third or fourth. Since Leduc won both regular season games against Holden, the Blue Jays now have to win to get the third spot and play Tofield in the first round.

  • If Holden loses final game to Rosalind: Rosalind vs. Holden and Tofield vs. Leduc
  • If Holden wins final game against Rosalind: Rosalind vs. Leduc and Tofield vs. Holden

The Rosalind Athletics look poised for their first PBL pennant as the regular season champion. The only sticky wicket left is the Holden Blue Jays who took the first game between the two teams and could run the table to end up tied for first and win the tiebreaker.

The A’s have now been in the final twice and won last year in their first two years in the league. Standing in their way will not only be the perennial playoff burnouts – the Holden Blue Jays – but the newly formed Tofield Braves, and a name from the past we haven’t seen in a while. Former five-time champion Leduc. Welcome back.

This year was the first year in this author’s recollection where the playoff races ended before they began. With the Armena Royals losing so many close games early and never rebounding and the Roadrunners hitting a midseason wall, coupled with the new kids on the block in Sherwood Park getting an unwarm welcome, the four playoff foes were set many weeks ago in folks’ minds long before it was mathematically confirmed.

Tonight much could be decided. The A’s could sew up first place if the Royals can play spoiler at home versus the Jays while the Milleteers and Braves battle it out in Leduc.

Stay tuned for some playoff previews. It’s gonna get more exciting. Trust me.

All Star Rosters and Picks Needed

Also, President Bret Keohane needs your all-star picks! The game on Aug. 8 will be the 17th Edition of the PBL-BRBL Harry Andreassen Challenge.

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