Ballad of the Blue Jay

I usually take the time to write the final column of the year to congratulate the victors and run down the season’s spoils and the trials of the trek to the trophy.

But this year, I must sway from tradition. For the Holden Blue Jays remain mere millimeters from a momentous milestone, yet miles from their ultimate goal after a 5-3 defeat to the Rosalind Athletics, who won their second straight PBL title.

This author has been a part of 3 (let’s call it 3 1/2) championship teams and two runner-ups. I may remember the two second places better than the three wins – and it’s not pleasant. The pain and agony of defeat still firmly in the pit of my stomach. I know my teammates, too.

So to see the Holden Blue Jays play well enough to win their first final in four appearances, while also seeing the Rosalind Athletics prove why they are such a scrappy bunch. And vice versa. Was a treat.

To lose four times in seven years and keep coming back and succeeding and coming so close may be harder than winning once, twice, three times a lady. A total tip of the hat to the Holden Blue Jays. Just keeping a team together for that long, through that many games is a feat. It would have been special to see the Blue Jays leap over that final hurdle. But maybe the baseball God’s have something more special to come. The lessons and bitter taste of defeat, lasting longer and giving breath to the meaning of team and brotherhood.

It looked like they had it. A wild game two followed by a back-and-forth game three. The bases loaded in the final frame. Rosalind seeming to bend, and potentially break like it had, too, so many times in the BRBL before entering the PBL. (All Star game recap still to come).

The Blue Jays have had three different foes in those four finals. Three of the four going to game three, and decided by a grand total of 5 runs (5-3, 3-2 and 5-3).

Tip your hat to the A’s and buy a drink. But this author is also saluting the Jays. I have confidence they’ll be back. It might not be next year, but it will come. Stick with it. And until then, congratulations to the Rosalind Athletics. You’re consistency will be tested next year when all the teams retool and gun for you and your shiny loot.

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