Happenings and Home Runs

The rosters have been posted for all teams now that the deadline has come and gone. Additionally, here’s some other news and notes on administrative things as we head into the second half of the season.

If you noticed the standings looking funny, comment or give Jason Buzzell and email. Some late nights behind the scenes saw a transposed score posted. buzzell_17@hotmail.com is a good email as well as Twitter @Buzzilinear. Big thanks to Brett Barron on catching a recent wrong score!

Also, the standings application is a little wonky. So if you see teams in the wrong order some times before we get a manual fix, it may not be in the right order. Scores and actual record should always be accurate so never hesitate to email or tweet!

Finally, big thanks to KRUSHER as I used to call him, andand his “team,” with the photos, twitter and game update work. This is huge and fun to see from afar as well as close by I am sure. Be sure to support their photography work through purchasing or scheduling events, etc… http://www.twopointphotography.com/ 

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