League Meeting Set

President Bret Keohane kicked off the spring with the announcement that the Powerline Baseball League will meet on April 18 to discuss the upcoming season. The meeting is scheduled to take place at 7:00pm in the Tofield Arena and it is expected that the league will confirm the number of teams and the schedule. Teams will also discuss and vote on any rule changes brought forward. 

In 2018 the PBL Meeting brought two new teams, the Camrose Axemen and the Edmonton Expos, and a Wild Card Playoff Game to the fold. While there doesn’t appear to be any ground breaking changes to discuss this year, tweaks to the playoff format and schedule layout could be discussed. In the 2018 meeting the league toyed with the idea of two wild card games before deciding to wait and see how one went first and last season the league played with an unbalanced fourteen game schedule for the nine teams. 

If the PBL holds firm to its three year executive term, 2019 will be the final season for Keohane (President), Stephen Hrabec (Vice-President), Ian Sherbaniuk (Secretary) and Trevor Pahl (Treasurer) in their current roles. The league has asked that each team take on a role within the executive and contribute to the league management when the current term is up.

We will have a full breakdown of the league meeting up on the website highlighting any changes happening for 2019.

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