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Schedule still in flux, website getting updated

The Powerline Baseball League 2018 schedule is still being worked on by league officials but the first month has been posted subject to change. The league posted this tweet (below) with some info about the forming schedule. The league officially

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UPDATE: Rumour mill to be dispelled as league meeting set

UPDATED: The league meeting is now set on Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m. in the Tofield Arena. As with every February and March murmurs of expansion and contraction fill the email boxes. Multiple teams, both near Edmonton, and Camrose

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Why baseball? This is why.

This morning, I lost my grandmother. She was 90. She made it through two battles of cancer along the way. She was a fighter. Alberta Buzzell’s obit She was also the biggest baseball fan I knew. She had to have

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