Rosters posted, All-Star game Aug. 8

Official rosters were submitted last Friday and have been posted online on each of the team pages. The league also has set Aug. 8 tentatively for the annual clash with the Battle River League.

The game was moved to August and has gone back and forth due to different reasons, from mid-season to end-of-season mostly due to weather.

Champs red hot, runner-ups not

The Rosalind A’s remained undefeated and look poised for their third straight playoff appearance since joining the league. The Armena Royals, however, have lost some nailbiters and haven’t been able to recover through a totally revamped lineup.

Still, with all the rainouts, it’s mighty early to make playoff predictions but a midseason writeup and grades will be coming soon!

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Home openers awash, but season is off and running

It’s been a wet and wild May and that has altered the season schedules already. However, the season is off and running despite numerous rainouts in the first two days.

It started with a bang down in Rosalind when the newly minted Tofield Braves (A combination of Ryley Rebels and Bardo Athletics – yes you’re hearing that right if you’ve been in hibernation or boozing all spring) went toe-to-toe with the defending champion Rosalind Athletics.

It’s unsure what Sheldon Pederson is on, or if the Bawlf gods over his farm as a kid have given him the superpowers only the Homer Dome can, but the aging retired volleyball star blasted a solo shot, stole a base and scored twice to make the difference in a game where the Braves out hit the A’s 10-5. The A’s, pulling a page out of the Armena Royals book to “bend but not break,” only struggled the most with what this author remembers as a young buck playing for the Tofield Lakers back in the day, Sean Melanson. He went 3-4 with 2 of the Braves 3 RBI and appears to be feeling comfy in Tofield tops.

Full story here on the Tofield Braves magnificent site

The other two games were washed out on opening day Saturday so teams were itching Tuesday to get at it. Especially the much-maligned rollercoaster riding Holden Blue Jays who every year seem poised to win it all or finish dead last. You just never know. The Jays, stockpiled with feminine specimen on the bleachers these days (The young men are growing up I tell ya. Back in my day it was mostly hutterites and parents), got a break in opening the season due to rains in Armena. The Jays sped out to a 3-0 lead then held on and handed the ball over to veteran Grayson Soprovich for the save. The Royals, highly retooled since their two straight finals appearances, will be in tough this season.

Finally, the only other game to sneak under the clouded skies, was the inaugural game for the Sherwood Park Athletics against the Camrose Roadrunners. 1992 cometh as the A’s harkened the beautiful yellow jerseys only to get a bit of ugliness cast upon them in a surprising 11-3 romping from the oft-basement-dwelling Roadrunners. Time will tell if the birds have hatched from ugly ducklings to playoff contenders, or if these two will be the laughing stock of a gray-bearded league.

Until next time… keep those tweets and write-ups coming boys.

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2017 sees new executive, back to 7 teams

Eight teams.

Sherwood Park interested. Nine!

Bardo and Ryley merge as Tofield. Whoa, back to eight.


Just when it looked it looked like the PBL might be hitting record number of teams, we’re back with seven. Not a bad number, and probably the most popular number since the league’s been around. And competition should be heavy once again. With the combination of Ryley and Bardo, plus some Beaumont guys joining Leduc, making playoffs will once again be tough.

After all those crazy developments in the early spring, much of the rest of the spring meeting was rather uneventful, but some interesting chatter. A food truck idea was thrown around for the All Star game, the date TBD. Discussion of rules around last year’s multi-day game called to darkness. Stuff like substitutions and calling the game or replaying, and or continuing it.

The biggest change though was Beaumont. I can say, it’s disappointing to hear they have suspended operations. Not only had they improved and become a playoff contender, they were a nice western outpost in a small town that had a BPs to have a few pops at after. Here’s to hoping they don’t lose those jerseys, and a new group could partake in years to come.

The schedule will be redrawn, and as soon as it is made official, posted on the website. Also, it should be known the PBL is now on Twitter in addition to the Facebook page that has been running for years. What’s next? Instagram and Snapchat?

Finally, the new executive has been established with an incoming President and Secretary. Outgoing president Craig Neufeld (2014-2016) held the position since Steve Pahl (2010-2013) stepped down.

  • President: Bret Keohane
  • Vice-President: Stephen Hrabec (incumbent)
  • Secretary: Ian Sherbaniuk
  • Treasurer: Trevor Pahl (incumbent)
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