History and Champions

The beginning history of the Powerline Baseball League is carved in memories gone by, through farmer’s fields and bars of small town north central Alberta.

As early as the 1930s, teams in Bardo, Kingman and Dodds Coal Mine competed in a league that eventually followed the new powerlines being strung up after the World War. This is fabled as the beginning of the official PBL.

The unofficial oral history of the league spans back to the late 1940s, however. And teams from the Camrose area are documented as to have played in ball tournaments dating back to 1913. The last official document of the PBL was put forward by Mike LeClaire. It stated league fees in 1956 were $4. Read more about some of  the historic PBL league meeting moments.

From then until early 1990s, teams played for the original PBL trophy. Unfortunately, that trophy was stolen, and a new one was made documenting as far back as current players could remember. Since then, this site has kept standings and tried to document the winners and stories that make this the greatest and olders league in Alberta.

Champions and Penant Winners




Runner Up

Season Winner

1987 Holden Blue Jays Ryley Rebels
1988 Ryley Rebels Holden Blue Jays
1989 Ryley Rebels
1990 Ryley Rebels
1991 Tofield Lakers
1992 Holden Blue Jays Sherwood Park A’s
1993 Ryley Rebels
1994 Tofield Lakers
1995 Ryley Rebels Tofield Lakers
1996 Ryley Rebels Tofield Lakers
1997 Ryley Rebels Tofield Lakers Ryley Rebels
1998 Ryley/Tofield Brewers Camrose Roadrunners Bardo Athletics
1999 Ryley Rebels Ryley/Tofield Brewers Bardo Athletics
2000 Ryley Rebels Camrose Roadrunners Camrose Roadrunners
2001 The Brewers Bardo Athletics Bardo Athletics
2002 Armena Royals The Brewers The Brewers
2003 Armena Axemen Camrose Roadrunners Armena Axemen
2004 Armena Axemen Camrose Colts Armena Axemen
2005 Camrose Colts Armena Axemen Camrose Colts
2006 Bardo Athletics Armena Axemen Armena Axemen
2007 Camrose Roadrunners Armena Axemen Armena Axemen
2008 Bardo Athletics Camrose Roadrunners Camrose Roadrunners
2009 Leduc Milleteers Bardo Athletics Camrose Roadrunners
2010 Leduc Milleteers Ryley Rebels Leduc Milleteers
2011 Leduc Milleteers Holden Blue Jays Leduc Milleteers
2012 Leduc Milleteers Armena Royals Leduc Milleteers
2013 Leduc Milleteers Holden Blue Jays Holden Blue Jays
2014 Ryley Rebels Holden Blue Jays Armena Royals
2015 Armena Royals Rosalind Athletics Ryley Rebels
2016 Rosalind Athletics Armena Royals Ryley Rebels
2017 Rosalind Athletics Holden Blue Jays Rosalind Athletics
2018 Armena Royals Leduc Milleteers Armena Royals