Rules and Appeals/Sanctions

APPROVED: March 27, 2014

All rules as per Baseball Alberta Rulebook with the following modifications:

League committee shall consist of one representative per team

Regular Season Play

1. Games are 7 innings. 5 complete innings constitutes a game. A 10-run mercy rule is in effect after five complete innings.

2. Tie games will be broken if at the umpires discretion conditions are safe to continue to play. A full extra inning must be completed for the game score to count. If due to darkness or other conditions, as per the umpire’s discretion, a game must be stopped in the middle of an inning, the score will revert back to that of the last completed inning played.

3. A game will not start unless a team can field a team of 8 players.

4. A fifteen-minute grace period will be given from the scheduled start time. If a team cannot be fielded (as per #3 above) by this time the game will be forfeited.

5. Players must be at least 16 years of age to play, unless given written permission by the league committee prior to game time.

6. Rainouts must be made up as soon as possible. In the event that a rained out game cannot be made up due to scheduling difficulties no points will be awarded.

7. Any game that will have an effect on the play-off standings must by played.

8. Only wood or wood composite bats are allowed in league and play-off games. Aluminum bats are prohibited. If a player is found to have used an illegal bat prior to the following batter completing his at bat, the offending player will be called out and runners will return to their previous positions.

9. Each team is to submit a roster containing a maximum of 21 players to the league web-site by the first Friday in June. Only players on the submitted roster will be allowed to play for that team in subsequent league games and playoffs.


1. Regular substitution rules apply.

2. Only players listed on their team roster (as per #11 above) will be eligible to compete in the playoffs.

3. If two or more teams are tied in the standings at the completion of the regular season schedule, the following sequence shall be applied to determine placement:

a) Points earned (2 per win, 1 per tie).

b) Number of wins.

c) Head-to-head record between the tied teams.

d) Runs scored in games between the tied teams.

e) Coin flip.

4. If two or more teams are tied for the last play-off spot, then a sudden-death elimination shall be played (coin toss for home field).

5. If a playoff game is called due to rain or darkness and it is tied, it shall be replayed on the same field the next scheduled play-off date.

6. Rules 1 and 2 for regular season play apply to the play-offs as well.


1. Appeal committee consists of one representative from each team.

2. Minimum 3 representatives with power to vote is needed to hear an appeal.

3. Teams involved in the appeal will not be allowed to vote.

4. A $100 appeal fee must be posted. This is returned if appeal is successful and forfeited if appeal is denied.

5. Notice of appeal must be filed with the league president as soon as possible and with a reasonable time. 48 hours after the end of the game is usually considered within reasonable time.



1. Sanction committee consists of one representative from each team

2. Minimum 3 representatives with power to vote needed to rule on sanctions

3. Team/Teams involved in the situation will not be allowed to rule on sanctions.

4. Sanction committee shall have unlimited authority to levy penalties.

5. Notice of intent to seek sanctions must be filed as per #5 in appeals section.