PBL News and Notes

Posted May 6, 2009

PBL News and Notes

Website Updates

There is a great start to content early on for the Powerline Baseball League website from our bloggers. Each team has a representative that can post stories, recaps, news and other items on the blog – as you may already be seeing.

Each post is labelled with the blogger’s name and related teams so you can filter more easily. The main page and each team page also has links to respective feeds. We hope this can create more traffic, dialogue and open communication between all the teams if it is used properly.

I also will likely link to some of the blogger’s posts as the “Headliner” some weeks and there will always be a list of most recent posts and comments on the page – these don’t update live, but are updated via a server usually after a few hours. Also, as someone found out tonight, the comments are not posted automatically since they are moderated for obvious reasons.

The plan is to update the standings and scores as soon as possible each night. As for a main story, power rankings, polls and other features, those will be on a less frequent basis.

Let’s keep the good start rolling once we hit the regular season.

Reporting Scores

And speaking of updating the standings and scores…

In past years we’ve had trouble getting the website updated in a timely fashion due to some delays in reporting scores.

There’s no excuses this year though.

This year, the Powerline Baseball League will add voicemail and text to its already existing e-mail format in reporting scores.

You can leave a voicemail to 780-485-7411. If this inbox becomes full, you can text to the same number or e-mail buzzell_17@hotmail.com.

I will not update the standings, scores and schedules until I receive all scores for a given night. If I receive before 11 p.m., I can usually have the site updated the following morning. If not, the site will remain un-updated until the following evening or later.

Current known delays in the standings and scores updates are as follows due to vacations on my part:

May 14 – Will be updated by Monday

June 18 – Will be updated by Saturday

July 16 – Will be updated by Monday (Could be in playoffs, President Larry Lewsaw can assist in communications and schedule disbursement if needed)

Power Rankings

And finally, you may have noticed the Powerline Power Rankings on the front page of the website, which was added a few weeks ago. The rankings have been posted in relation to the conclusion of last season, including playoffs.

The formula used takes into account if a team is on a winning or losing streak, its record in the past three games and its overall record for the season and produces a number.

The higher the number, the higher the ranking. This ranking system is supposed to show you who is the “best” team in the league “right now.” We’ll see if any team can get over 100.

I will try to update it each weekend after a week’s worth of games, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Posted on May 6, 2009 by Jason Buzzell

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