Losing Lewsaw would be a shame

Posted March 2, 2010

Losing Lewsaw would be a shame

Larry Lewsaw has informally told the Powerline Baseball League to begin thinking of who could be athe league’s next president.

Lewsaw has served in the position the last several years, but recent news the Camrose Roadrunners suspending operations for 2010, a team he helped manage and support over the past decade and a half, has seemingly ended his passion to serve as the head of the PBL.

“It’s disappointing to me, because as most of you know, I have put a fair bit of time, energy and money into having a Camrose team in the league over the last fourteen years,” Lewsaw said in a post on the PBL Website.

Rumblings on the website have rumoured that the key players didn’t want to come back to the PBL due to problems with the league itself. Camrose has had two bitter series in playoffs with the Bardo Athletics.

Lewsaw said work commitments and non-baseball reasons are the cause of the missing bodies for the 2010 campaign.

“For those of you who work so hard in Tofield, Bardo and Armena to make sure you have a team every year, this is probably hard to understand,” Lewsaw said.

He then pretty much offered his resignation, unfortunately, at the end of his post.

“This year, it looks like the league is back to six teams,” he said. “Start thinking about who you’d like as your new president.”

However, it would be nice to retain his services, even if it is just a figurehead of sorts. The duties of schedule maker and all-star organizer have not gone unnoticed in my eyes at least. He has been a solid president who took a league that was ridiculously disorganized for a couple years and brought it out of the darkness with earlier scheduling and spring meetings with agendas focusing on important topics. He’s battled us through some tough times following the Axemen split.

He had a little help along the way, but hopefully this isn’t goodbye. The league could really use a neutral party to oversee things, and in the end – and if he’s willing, I’d invite him to stay for another year at least.

As most of us know, it’s a volunteer position no one wants, but everyone can always complain about. From my point of view, again, I thank Larry for serving as president, and hope he will not step aside so soon despite the recent news.

Posted on March 2, 2010 by Jason Buzzell

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