History repeating itself? PBL 1956-81

Posted March 19, 2010

History repeating itself? PBL 1956-81

Often you hear of people saying, “We can learn from the past because history repeats itself.” 

Well in the case of the Powerline Baseball League, this hits close to home. League treasurer Mike Leclaire received a minute book from past meetings dating back to 1956. He took time to pull out some of the highlights of each of the meetings all the way up to 1981.

Surprisingly, despite some lower costs of league entry, and a few odd things like “Championship Crests,” it’s obvious today’s debates and decisions are nothing new. From playoff formats, roster rules and whether or not to be affiliated with Baseball Alberta, they’ve reared their ugly heads time and time again.

Here’s a look back at what Leclaire found in his “little black book” of sorts.


  • The league fee was $4.
  • No Import player rule was adopted.
  • Teams were to hand lineup cards to the opposition at the end of every game to keep track of players.


  • Tuesday and Thursday ball was adopted with 6:30 start times


  • The league fee was raised to $15 and the championship team would be awarded $30.
  • An 18 man roster was to be handed in after the 3rd league game and the managers of each team may alter 3 players at the end of regular season.
  • The 3 game series playoff format.
  • ½ hour grace period for the start of league games, if a team could not field a team by 7pm they’d forfeit.
  • Hme team supplies the home plate ump and the visiting team supplies base ump.
  • Playoff semi final games teams have to pick neutral umps. The playoff final games umps would come from outside the league.


  • Games were moved to 7pm start time.
  • Protest rule brought in – protest must be made within 48 hours accompanied with a $5 fee.
  • Rule was brought in that if tied at the end of a playoff game, the game would be a wash and the 2 teams would decide the date of the next game and it would be played on the second place teams diamond (other teams diamond).
  • Fees reduced from $15 to $10 – $30 paid out to championship team as well as crests. Also league fees were due after the 3rd league game due to teams not paying previous years.


  • The 3 game rule took place – players must play 3 games in order to qualify for playoff games.
  • Any player who is a member of another ball club cannot play in the league or playoffs.
  • Umpire fees are to be $5.


  • Home team pays for base umps in finals and the league pays for home plate ump.


  • Fees raised to $12.50
  • The league would supply 6 balls to the championship team after the completed series


  • New playoff format 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3.
  • If a tie was to happen in the standings a sudden death game would be held at a neutral site, the gate would be split with both teams and the umpires would be supplied by the league.


  • League to supply the balls for the finals only.
  • Start time would be 6:30pm no later than 7pm.
  • Special Meeting – players that play in other leagues may play in the PBL if they reside in the community or his occupation is within the participating community. But pitchers that play in other leagues may NOT play in the PBL.


  • Playoffs have to follow the Tuesday Thursday schedule.


  • Camrose Roadrunners enter the league.
  • Players can only participate on 1 team only, if picking up players from other teams they must sign a release form and may not play with any other team.
  • Fees raised to $15.


  • Championship crests cost $30.
  • Admission for all games would be standard – 50 cents for over 12 and 12 & under free.
  • Runs for and against were brought in to break ties in league standing only.
  • Alberta Baseball Insurance issues were brought up no action taken.


  • PBL decided not to join Alberta Baseball – no benefit.
  • League fees raised to $25.


  • 9 inning games to be played.
  • League fees raised to $45.


  • Fees were lowered to $20.


  • Camrose talks about entering 2 teams…………Camrose Road Runners and Camrose Cubs.
  • Tofield and Ryley wish to move league games 7 innings…………the rest of the league wishes to keep 9 innings.
  • 10 run rule after 7 innings.
  • Fees were raised to $30.


  • League games will be 7 innings and playoffs will be 9 innings.

Posted on March 19, 2010 by Jason Buzzell 

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