PBL News and Notes for June 2

Posted June 2, 2010

PBL News and Notes for June 2

Roster Deadline Nears

The deadline for team’s 18-man rosters is fast approaching. All six teams should send their rosters to Jason Buzzell at buzzell_17@hotmail.com
no later than midnight on Friday, June 4. From that point on, only a player on that 18-man roster can participate in games after June 4 or later, including playoffs.

Tofield has already submitted their roster.

All-Star Game June 29

Former PBL president Larry Lewsaw received confirmation from the Battle River League’s Lorn Schulte that only wood and wood composite bats would be used in the annual game.

“Apparently they are trying them out in their league this year so he didn’t feel it would be a problem,” Lewsaw said.

Teams are asked to submit their pitcher nominations and rank them from 1 (Best pitcher) to 3 (Third best pitcher). Each team should also internally nominate two players who can attend and represent their team. These selections can also be sent to Jason Buzzell at buzzell_17@hotmail.com
no later than Wednesday June 16 to allow time to gather the roster and submit to the media/program makers.

The game begins at 7 p.m. at Harry Andreassen Park in Camrose. The overall series is 5-4 in favour of the PBL, but the BRL has taken the last two tilts.

Make-up Games

Two games are already needing to be made up. One between Leduc and Holden is scheduled for June 17. Another between Bardo and Tofield is still TBD. Please let Jason Buzzell know when make-up dates are set so he can add them to the upcoming games and team schedules.

League rules ask teams to make up games as soon as possible.

Posted on June 2, 2010 by Jason Buzzell

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