Blue Jays look to cheat history

Posted July 9, 2010

Blue Jays look to cheat history

The Holden Blue Jays will try and do what no team has been able to do for more than 20 years – win a championship in their inaugural season.

Not since 2004 when a highly-talented Camrose Colts team entered the league has a new franchise even made it to the final, let alone win a championship. There is no documented point in history when a first-year franchise has taken the cup.

Yet, in the past 10+ seasons we’ve had eight “new” or restarted franchises who have tumbled in their first year, and many of them who have been able to make playoffs in their first year, but get knocked off in the playoffs:

  • Armena Royals, 1999, did not qualify for playoffs
  • Chipman Crackjerjacks, 2003, defeated by Camrose Roadrunners in semi-finals 2-0
  • Camrose Roadunners, 2003, defeated by Armena Axemen in final 2-0
  • Camrose Colts, 2004, defeated by Armena Axemen in final 2-1
  • Camrose Roadrunners, 2006, defeated by Armena Axemen in semi-finals 2-1
  • Leduc Milleteers, 2008, defeated by Bardo Athletics in semi-finals 2-1
  • Armena Royals, 2008, did not qualify for playoffs
  • Ryley Rebels, 2009, defeated by Leduc Milleteers in semi-finals 2-0
  • Holden Blue Jays, 2010, ???

The Blue Jays are a technically sound ball club with veteran leadership. It could be a good mix to do the unthinkable.

However, they are still young, and their offence will have to step it up in the playoffs to match the likes of Ryley or Bardo – likely to have to play one of them twice at their field unless they can grab back home advantage. They would also likely have to face the defending champs to accomplish the feat as well.

Even so, it’s been a successful first year for the rookies from way out east. And the playoffs should be an interesting second hurdle for the young squad.

Posted on July 9, 2010 by Jason Buzzell

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