Charm vs. By the Books – what do you want?

Posted June 6, 2011

Charm vs. By the Books – what do you want?

You’ve had your peace.

It’s a league issue now. No more comments. 

That’s my thoughts toward the recent “controversy” with the Ryley Rebels asking to postpone the game with the Leduc Milleteers on Wednesday, June 1.

When I first heard the game had been postponed, I laughed, and understood. I assumed of course, both teams had come to agreement that they were lacking a few guys and wished to play at another date. Similar to what happened in 2006 when teams made handshake agreements to postpone some games due to the Oilers magical cup run.

Generally if a team wants to protest, then they can post the $100 and force a vote on the matter, or just continue on, and propose a vote at years end in the future.

I have seen all the comments and sat back and saw all sides.

I see both sides. 

As a player of another team who has battled to get nine guys out, it angers me to see a team opt out the afternoon of a game when a concert was scheduled months before.

At the same time, I see how it could happen, and the possibility of some of my teammates to leave me high and dry not remembering this is the one week we play on a Wednesday in Leduc and who, unlike me who tries to craft his roster to win and at the same time make everyone happy (impossible) weeks in advance, live their wonderful day-to-day lives with baseball as a fourth or fifth priority and can screw you over without notice.

I also know the precedent set in year’s past, when we moved a game due to Big Valley Jamboree for a league championship. We lost. We were mad. But it’s not the Major Leagues.

“Is that the way you’d want to win Buzz?” a league veteran who’s long gone asked.

Well no, but this is a little different since other teams besides the two have a small stake in the matter.

However, we are still the Powerline Baseball League. We have what Ray Lehman calls a “charm” that other leagues may not. Some call it bush league. Some call it small town.

Years and years have gone by, teams have asked to move games way back in the day due to farming reasons. Lately it’s not as much of an issue since only a handful are farmers.

But it’s kind of a matter for Leduc and Ryley to work out. If they agreed to PPD the game for a later date (no matter what the reason), well then that’s how it goes I guess.

An overall rule for future occurrences? Well that’s still up for debate I guess. Go ahead and let the debate begin.

And by the way, we need rosters for Camrose and Ryley. They were due Friday. I am posting Tuesday. We don’t have a rule for that either besides a please and thank you for doing it by June 3. 

It’s now June 6.

Let’s not force us to try and impose fines on each other and write a Bible like other leagues. Let’s do a better job of just giving people more notice and submitting your rosters on time, and I think we’ll be just fine.

Please and thank you.

Posted on June 6, 2011 by Jason Buzzell

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