Walker Perfect

Posted June 1, 2012

Walker Perfect

With the Milleteers on a two game losing streak due to some brutal pitching and defense they needed a good start from Ryan Walker, and boy did they get one. 21 up, 21 down. It was obvious early on that Walker had his A game as he was popping the glove and hitting his spots.


Historically he has always pitched
well against Holden, narrowly missing a 10 inning perfect game against them two
years ago as he only allowed one hit. Tonight he did even better as he faced
the minimum, with no hits or walks, and seven strikeouts.

 His defense was good
as well as they converted all 11 ground balls. The only hard hit ball all night
came off the bat of veteran slugger Pat Kawaliuk in the first inning as he
scolded a liner to the second baseman. Other than that Walker was simply

The offense took awhile to get going for the Milleteers as they finally got
on the board with a two out, two RBI single from cleanup hitter Steven Pah in
the fourth.

It turned out that was all that was needed, but for insurance
purposes the Milleteers kept the peddle down and put up seven on a quartet of
Holden hurlers. Not satisfied with just pitching a perfect game Walker also
chipped in a couple of hits to help pace the attack.

The perfect game was the first in Milleteers history, and second no hitter
as they had a combined no hitter back in 2010 in an ugly blowout against Ryley
in the preseason. I believe it is also the first no-no in league play in at
least the last seven or eight years as Scott Peterson no-hit the Tofield Lakers
in the early 2000s. As for the last perfect game, I have no idea, but it was
great to be apart of such a historic accomplishment.
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