2013 Pre-Season PBL All-Stars

Posted April 13, 2013

2013 Pre-Season PBL All-Stars
With the news that the PBL has changed the way in which the PBL All-Star team will be changed to a manager selection process with a list of nominees, we asked Rebels players, coaches and fans who they think would be on the team in 2013.
Here is the consensus heading into the 2013 season from the poll (players listed in alphabetical order in each position);
Brad Engel – Leduc Milleteers 
Shane Gerein – Leduc Milleteers

The two catchers in the league that have managed the PBL’s best pitching staff since 2008 provide both offence and defence to the team. Their consistent quality of play and success of the Leduc pitching staff almost ensures that they are on the team.  Edge goes to Gerein due to the ability to throw out potential base stealers (40% in 2012 were thrown out) and the .352 batting average.


Steven Pahl – Leduc Milleteers

The PBL has somewhat a short supply of first basemen in the league. The league used to see consistent first basemen like Brett Harke from the Axemen and before him John Spiggot with the Axemen, Ken Yurkowski in Bardo and Dale Levicki in Lamont. Game in and game out they manned the pillow. A player like Murray Doyle would more than likely be the top choice in the league, but an injury and subsequent rehab will likely take away much of or all of the 2013 season of the Milleteer. Pahl’s left handed bat will be a welcome addition to the team as well as the veteran leadership that would be hard matched in the league.


Brian Tavaroli – Ryley Rebels
Ryan Olson – Bardo Athletics 

Both second basemen are veterans of the PBL now and will provide leadership to what is turning into a young PBL All-Star team. Olson might have the edge in the offensive categories due to the high strikeouts that Tavaroli has, but there are few as smooth with the glove as the Rebels second baseman. 


Adam Johnson – Armena Royals

Dylan Solberg – Ryley Rebels

With respect to Jon Anstey, the team needs him on the mound with quality short stops like Dylan Solberg and Adam Johnson. Solberg is the prototypical number three hitter combining on base percentage, power and average while Johnson is one of the leagues top lead off hitters. Defensively the edge might go to Solberg with his arm strength to take away singles in the hole, but Johnson is as stable and consistent as the come. 


Trevor Pahl – Leduc Milleteers

Another position that the PBL seems to have a shortage of true third basemen. Pahl has appeared to be the most consistent third baseman in the league defensively and is one of the most trusted gloves in the league. Pahl would also be one of the teams better hitters who game in and game out has quality and professional at bats making him a difficult out.


Alex Roth – Camrose Roadrunners 
Allan Ziegler – Holden Blue Jays
Corey Epp – Ryley Rebels
Craig Neufeld – Bardo Athletics
Greg Zilkie – Leduc Milleteers

Ziegler and Zilkie will add some much needed speed to the lineup. Ziegler has burnt the Rebels from the left side of the plate for the last couple of seasons and if Zilkie isn’t the fastest player in the PBL, he is in the top 3 for sure. Neufeld brings a high career average to the plate and another quality left handed bat along with Ziegler. Epp has been the Rebels lead off hitter for the past four seasons and consistently leads the team in walks and stolen bases. Both Epp and Neufeld have made the PBL All-Star team on multiple occasions in the past. When Roadrunners Alex Roth is in the outfield the youngster is hard pressed not to find a ball he can’t track down. Roth also possess on of the PBL’s better arms and could also spend some time on the mound if needed.


Jason Buzzell – Armena Royals
Kevin Reinholt – Ryley Rebels

Two lefty bats to the lineup to face predominantly right handed pitching will hopefully give the PBL All-Stars an advantage. The power edge will go to Reinholt while Buzzell has held a higher average over the last few seasons. 


Craig Koughan – Ryley Rebels
Joel Boettger – Armena Royals
Jon Anstey – Leduc Milleteers
Ryan Walker – Leduc Milleteers 

The PBL All-Stars will need to rely on pitching and they should have enough quality innings from the likes of Koughan, Boettger, Anstey and Walker. Koughan is the ground ball pitcher who pitches to contact while veteran pitcher Joel Boettger walks the line between power pitcher and contact pitcher as the years have worn on. Anstey and Walker would add the power arms to the staff. Walker is the owner of a perfect game as he spun a gem vs the Holden Blue Jays in 2012 while Anstey is the leagues best fireball pitcher and can come in and shut down an offense in a hurry.

Injuries to players such as Murray and Kevin Doyle from the Leduc Milleteers and Logan Skori of the Holden Blue Jays were taken into consideration by the voters as would the limited availability of Holden’s Kyle Muzechka.

Of course we were unable to add anyone from the Beaumont Angels due to not knowing very much about the team or have seeing them played yet. Should we ask mid way through the season, we would probably see the addition of some Angel names on the list.

In 2013, Leduc Milleteers manager Steven Pahl along with the Armena Royals manager will be selecting the team from the nominees presented by all seven teams in the league to form the 18 man roster.  The 2013 Powerline Baseball League vs Battle River Baseball League All-Star Game is scheduled for Tuesday June 25 at Harry Andreassen Field in Camrose.

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