Powerline All Stars Announced

Posted June 17, 2015

Powerline All Stars Announced

The PBL’s Holden Blue Jays and Ryley Rebels, coaches of the PBL All Stars for the annual matchup with the Battle River League, chose their team for the game taking place June 23 in Camrose at 7:30 p.m. This marks the 15th edition of the game and the PBL leads the series 8-4-2.

Adding to the allure of this year’s matchup is the Rosalind A’s defection to the PBL, whom usually played a strong opposition member of the BRBL. Last year, the PBL defeated the BRBL 6-4.

2015 Powerline Roster

Manager: Craig Koughan
Hitting/Pitching/Bullpen coac: Kyle Muzechka

Armena Royals

  • David Ritz

Bardo A’s

  • Dylan Berrecloth

Beaumont Angels

  • Kirk Smith
  • Marc Villeneuve
  • Denny Leblanc

Camrose Roadrunners 

  • Marcel Lesoway

Leduc Milleteers

  • Jon Anstey
  • Steve Pahl
  • Trevor Pahl

Holden Blue Jays

  • Logan Skori
  • Lane Skori

Rosiland A’s 

  • Steve Enright
  • Sheldon Pederson

Ryley Rebels

  • Chad Nelson
  • Shawn Pilgaard
  • Barry Truss
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