Ryley Rebels Voted In

Posted March 13, 2009

Ryley Rebels Voted In

The Ryley Rebels are making their way back into the Powerline Baseball League and hopefully it will be another dynasty in the making, much like the teams from the 90's. 

With initial concerns of Rebel players playing on two teams (the Camrose Axemen being the other) and the possibility of the Rebels "stealing" players from other teams being put aside, the teams present at the meeting (Bardo, Tofield, Armena, Camrose, and Leduc) all voted to allow the Rebels back into the league. With the Rebels, the Powerline Baseball League currently sits at seven teams with a possible franchise coming out of Sherwood Park, although the details are still sketchy as to whether or not the Sherwood Park team actually has a plan in place to compete in 2009. There are also rumblings and whispers that both the Ryley Brewers and Armena Royals may not be in the league due to a lack of players for the upcoming campaign.

Between the Royals and the Brewers, the Royals have the better chance of finding enough players to fill out a roster for 2009. With rumors swirling that veteran RHP Scott Peterson and IF/RHP Adam Johnson maybe leaving the Camrose Axemen of the NCABL and veteran C/RHP Joel Boettger representing the Armena Royals at the meeting, one has to think the Royals will be around for 2009.

The other big news coming out of the meeting involves the passing of the wood bat rule. Teams are now required to swing wood bats for the upcoming season, taking away those "stick out the bat Texas leaguers" that have brought about large amounts of success to some teams and players. One would have to expect pitchers to begin dominating games and defensive scores may litter the Powerline League scoreboard on Tuesday and Thursday nights. In a head scratcher the Powerline Baseball League also voted to ban wood composite bats throughout the league as it was deemed to defeat the purpose of implementing wood bats in the first place. Why is this a head scratcher? Both the NCABL and Baseball Alberta allow the use of the bats in league play, tournaments and provincials.

In any case the year should turn out to be interesting to say the least.  

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