A Quiet Off Season In The PBL

Posted February 25, 2020

A Quiet Off Season In The PBL
It has been a relatively quiet off season for the Powerline Baseball League since the Armena Royals hoisted the PBL Championship Trophy on August 6. Aside from the news that the Leduc Milleteers would not be participating in the PBL for the 2020 season, something that had been whispered about during the season, there really has been no news coming out of the teams or the league yet. But that might change soon. 
Originally the plan for the Powerline Baseball League was to hold a fall meeting to wrap up the 2019 season, officially have outgoing President Brett Keohane turn the keys over to incoming President Stephen Hrabec and to fill in the vacant positions on the League Executive. Currently the league is without a Vice President or a Treasurer. As things go sometimes in our busy lives, the meeting was never called and never really talked about throughout the fall and early part of the winter. Now the league is expected to host a spring league meeting, usually in the mid to late part of March, perhaps as late as early April where the League Executive will need to be filled, and teams will be able to discuss any changes to the upcoming season such as addressing forfeits. 
Even team's social media accounts have been relatively quiet this off season with little engagement during the hockey season. Across the league there is a wide variety of last posts ranging from promoting minor sports to promoting slo-pitch tournaments to congratulating players on their wedding to game updates from last season.
Armena Royals - February 9, 2020 
Camrose Axemen - February 19, 2020
Camrose Roadrunners - July 3, 2019
Edmonton Expos - May 14, 2019
Holden Blue Jays - August 6, 2019
Rosalind Athletics - August 18, 2019
Tofield Braves - August 31, 2019
Minor Baseball
One thing that has been actively talked about across the area is the minor baseball tryouts for rep baseball and registrations that are currently underway. With the Baseball Alberta season rapidly approaching, many associations with rep baseball are in the midst of their 18U and 15U rep tryouts with 13U and 11U tryouts happening soon. It also means that associations have been promoting their baseball registrations across all age groups for House League from 5U all the way up to 18U. We have tried to put as many area associations as we could come up with in our Links section to the left. If there is an association that we have missed, please let us know as helping to promote minor baseball in the area is something we take pride in. 
PBL Website News
Coming up soon, Saturday March 1st, is our next player profile which will feature the Tofield Braves Corey Epp. A man who has seen a lot on and off the field and was willing to share some stories. 
We have had some great feedback on the Player Profiles feature thus far and would like to continue it for as long as possible. In order to do this we need current and past players/coaches and their stories. If you know of anyone who is interested that we have reached out to yet or someone who you think we should please let us know by sending an email to kriskush@hotmail.com 
Is it time for the Powerline Baseball League to recognize players and coaches for their performance? Head over to the Powerline Baseball League Twitter feed (@PowerlineLeague) to answer our poll! 
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2018 Semi-Finals - Leduc vs Rosalind
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