Rebels, Angels remain unbeaten at 3-0

  Posted May 15, 2015

The Ryley Rebels and Beaumont Angels each knocked off previously unbeaten Armena and Rosalind respectively Thursday night....

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Aerial views of all 8 PBL ‘stadiums’

  Posted May 13, 2015

The Beaumont Angels kickstarted a great idea the other day when they, Bardo and Armena engaged in a Twitter conversation about whether Bardo was actually a place or not. #FieldOfDreams....

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Opening Day in the books for 2015

  Posted May 11, 2015

The excitement of opening day is always palatable with the ball a bit rough around the edges, but the anticipation after long winter, no one can beat the thrill to finally put on that jersey and get at it....

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Back By Popular Demand: 2015 Predictions

  Posted April 19, 2015

Well here it is, back by popular demand (1 demand on the website that is), the annual PBL predictions.  After the debacle of last year’s five way tie for first showed that these predictions are just crap thrown against the wall,  lets give it another go.  To make things even mor...

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Could the league get any tougher?

  Posted April 13, 2015

In 2015, it was penned 2014 was most likely the toughest season in the PBL. Could 2015 be even tougher?...

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2015 season starts May 9, schedule being posted

  Posted April 09, 2015

The 2015 Powerline Baseball League season kicks off on a Saturday yet again as the annual tradition has legs now....

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UPDATE: Spring meeting, Thursday, April 2

  Posted March 18, 2015

A snap spring meeting has been called after earlier forecasting for Thursday night in the Tofield arena meeting room at 7 p.m. ...

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Goodbye to the PBL, Thank You for the Memories

  Posted January 26, 2015

The fact I got a chance to spend six more seasons than I thought I’d ever have, not only in Armena, but back in Armena Royal blue, is never enough. I could and would have kept playing or helping this league for decades to come until probably the day I die....

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Ode to the Rebels

  Posted August 08, 2014

They march to the beat of a different drum. Seemingly on the edge of destruction both on and off the field....

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Holden wins game two, deciding tilt tonight

  Posted August 07, 2014

The Holden Blue Jays offence caught fire and scored seven runs Wednesday night at home while the Ryley Rebels were slow to start, but got hot just a little too late in a 7-5 game two win for the Blue Jays....

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