Interview With Stephen Hrabec, PBL President

  Posted February 10, 2020

As pitchers and catchers begin to report to their Major League Baseball spring training camps and the college baseball season has started, baseball buzz is back in the air with the feeling that spring is right around the corner. The 2020 Powerline Baseball League season will have a new Presiden...

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PBL Profile: Rob Gillrie

  Posted January 31, 2020

One of the Powerline Baseball League’s most recognizable names for decades was Rob Gillrie. An old school baseball player who spent his career playing the game the right way and with a passion for the game and a competitiveness that was matched by few. A career that spanned forty years and inc...

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The Current State of Baseball Tournaments

  Posted January 28, 2020

There was once a time, perhaps considered a long time ago now, that the spring and summer months were littered with senior men’s baseball tournaments. If a team wanted to, they could play a tournament almost every weekend between the beginning of May and August long weekend within a couple hou...

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PBL Profile: Mike LeClaire

  Posted January 15, 2020

A member of the storied Bardo Athletics team for twenty one seasons, Mike LeClaire established himself as one of the most prominent figures for both the A’s and the Powerline Baseball League during his career. LeClaire was a part of the 2006 Bardo Athletics championshi...

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The Milleteers Take A Year Away From PBL

  Posted January 13, 2020

Surprising news hit the airwaves on Sunday night as the Leduc Milleteers announced that they would be seeking a leave of absence from the Powerline Baseball League for the 2020 season. The league hopes that the Milleteers will return in 2021, giving the team a year to address player recruitment conc...

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Baseball Registration Starts Heating Up

  Posted January 06, 2020

The new year is here and that means that local minor baseball associations are starting to hit their stride when it comes to minor baseball registrations. There are numerous baseball associations that are present in the Powerline Baseball League’s communities. Here are a few association’...

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The Best Team Of The 2010s

  Posted January 02, 2020

The last ten seasons in the Powerline Baseball League have been some of the best yet. The league saw an increase in teams participating from the previous decade and a continued commitment to increasing the level of organization of the league. The end of the 2010’s marks the ninth different dec...

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PBL Profile: Jason Buzzell

  Posted January 01, 2020

The man who is responsible for documenting both the Powerline Baseball League and Armena Royals history has the honour of our first profile. Jason Buzzell, the enthusiastic young man found on the field dressed in Armena Royals blue and white with the sweet swing from the left side of the plate,...

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Upcoming PBL Website Features

  Posted November 28, 2019

Winter appears to be here for good, which means baseball is in full hibernation until the Spring, some five long months away. While there still doesn’t appear to be a Fall/Winter Powerline Baseball League meeting on the horizon in 2019, there are some features that the website will start to fe...

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A Case For New Baseball Facilities In Camrose

  Posted November 18, 2019

The small city of Camrose has long history of baseball both with the Powerline Baseball League as well as other leagues such as the North Central Alberta Baseball League, Sunburst Baseball League and various Baseball Alberta Provincials for minor baseball. Teams and leagues have changed over the las...

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