Tentative 2013 schedule posted

  Posted February 13, 2013

The latest version of the 2013 Powerline Baseball League schedule has been posted....

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Axemen win best franchise ever poll

  Posted February 10, 2013

The winter of brackets and debate came to an end with a last second push of many fans or players, or someone finally figuring out how to game the voting....

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Expansion effort coming out of Beaumont

  Posted February 09, 2013

One of Alberta’s fastest growing communities may have enough players interested in playing in a community baseball league....

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Time to leave Rose City behind?

  Posted February 03, 2013

Before I begin, let me say this is a little bit tongue in cheek. But I’m curious to what anonymous posters would think of this… A few mad posters have hinted, and I’ll come right out and say it. It’s time for all minor ball north of peewee to leave Camrose....

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Proposed schedule kicks off Sunday, May 12

  Posted January 29, 2013

A tentative schedule is almost ready to post with six Powerline Baseball League franchises competing in another 15-game season from May 12 to July 11 or July 21 at the latest....

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2012 sets another record for PBL site

  Posted January 23, 2013

Pageviews and visits hit all time highs in 2012 as PowerlineBaseball.com grew steadily in for the third consecutive year....

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Vote now: Axemen vs. Milleteers

  Posted January 19, 2013

Two dynasties – both from the 2000s meet up in the final after two victories each. Leduc has made it look easy with a lopsided victory over the 1980s Armena Royals and an upset over the mid-2000s Camrose Colts/Roadrunners....

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Vote now: Semifinals begin

  Posted December 19, 2012

We’re down to the final four and what better time for the battle than the holiday season. Interestingly enough, all these teams have kind of met, but not at their peaks. Let’s take a look at the matchups in the semi finals for PBL Best Franchise Ever.   Series A No. 4 Arm...

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What we can learn from the BCS

  Posted December 13, 2012

Growing weary of winter expansion talk, I let this be my final thoughts on the whole expansion debate. Grumblings of the ridiculousness of 2-3 hour drives for games seemed to be prominent. Travel is a concern and weekday games are nice when it comes to tradition and planning out your summers. ...

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Domino effect to come, or just a one-off?

  Posted November 28, 2012

Off the radar and not in this league, it was a sad day for a small town north of Edmonton. Why you ask? Their men’s baseball team is packing up and heading to the big city. No longer do their players live or work in the small community of Legal, so the decision was made to play in Edmont...

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