Domino effect to come, or just a one-off?

  Posted November 28, 2012

Off the radar and not in this league, it was a sad day for a small town north of Edmonton. Why you ask? Their men’s baseball team is packing up and heading to the big city. No longer do their players live or work in the small community of Legal, so the decision was made to play in Edmont...

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Expansion might never be the PBL way

  Posted November 06, 2012

When I was younger, I heard the phrase, “History will always repeat itself.” I laughed. I scoffed. I made fun of old guys in the Powerline Baseball League who snorted and huffed when some young guys proposed 18 or 20 games, weekend doubleheaders and expanded playoffs. Am I now the ...

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Vote now: Quarterfinals begin

  Posted November 01, 2012

We’re down to the final eight teams in our Winter 2012-13 playoffs of modern day PBL franchises to determine who you think was the best overall, ever. Here’s a quick look at the four series we’re voting on with voting taking place on two of the quarterfinal series in the next th...

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Fort Sask expresses interest

  Posted October 30, 2012

An email sent to league executives from a Fort Saskatchewan representative has the PBL once again looking at expansion after a few years of a six-team league....

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PBL heats up on Twitter

  Posted October 25, 2012

The Powerline Baseball League’s prominence on Twitter went up five-fold over the last week as all but one team joined the social media network in the last seven days. The 2012 Armena Royals were a lonely Tweeter, often commenting on their wins and losses and communicating with teams from ot...

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Vote now: Round Two

  Posted October 11, 2012

Round Two features one old mysterious matchup and another that features the legendary scrappiness of two Ray Lehman-led franchises that found a way to win against all odds. Series 1: No. 10 Tofield Lakers (91,94) vs. No. 7 Camrose Roadrunners (Early 1980s) Following the relatively easy defeat ...

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Vote: First Round Holden 87,92 vs. Tofield 91,94

  Posted September 20, 2012

Our first match-up of the Winter Voting Best PBL Franchise Bracket pits two relatively unknown commodities for most of us in the league....

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Bracket Challenge: Best PBL Franchise Ever

  Posted September 19, 2012

This winter we’ll feature an 11-team bracket-style tournament of the top-seeded franchises since 1980 in the Powerline Baseball League....

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Post-season schedule debate

  Posted September 12, 2012

With 2012 marking another victorious Leduc Milleteer finale, it would seem they are running the table quite easily. But some great playoff games and gutsy performances have helped them scratch their way to the top each season....

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Survival wasn’t the goal this year finally

  Posted August 02, 2012

In 2009 I made a crazy decision to move back to the Edmonton area with my wife. Baseball was something I missed. Down in Nebraska, the men’s teams were generally filled with current or very recent college players. Guys like me played slo-pitch....

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